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Juggling real life, running and everything inbetween

2 weeks ago

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It’s no secret that my life is always super busy (as it is for a lot of people)! For me, a standard day can start at 6am, consist of freelance work, normal work, training and at the moment Project Awesome twice a week. If you’ve not been along to one of our Thursday sessions at Lululemon WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

The killer question- why I’m not running Mighty Deerstalker

6 months ago

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The Mighty Deerstalker – 10miles of gruelling hills, the perfect warm-up for Dirty Weekend. Not to mention a party atmosphere and the UK’s biggest night race. And I’m not running it. Even though I have been totally pumped about this race, it’s one that’s just not meant to be. Running injuries and my operation in January…