About me

Running the streets of Edinburgh and hills of Scotland


Lets talk about 2014. I’d newly graduated with a degree in Acting (yes, they can mark you on jazz hands) and was just about surviving office life. Things weren’t bad, but I just felt that there must be more to life than Netflix and struggling to run for the bus!

Running a half-marathon changed everything

Flash forward to May 2015. I’d just completed my first half-marathon and had fallen in love with running.

Put simply, it gave my life an awesome kick in the butt.

Since then I’ve been on adventures big and small. From getting married in Fiji to the Pentland Hills. To running an ultra-marathon and completing the words biggest obstacle course races. All whilst focusing on my love for running and everything the trails have to teach me.

Abbyadventures is a place to for me to share the ups and downs of running and whatever crazy adventures life throws at me! 100% honesty, 100% enthusiasm and 100% living.