Badass pancakes: they count as carb loading, right?

I love pancakes. Like next level, ready to commit and build a life together love them. This means pancake day is a big day in my calendar.

In years gone by nutella, sugar and lemon featured heavily in the day of pancake worship. But that would leave the current Abby with the jittery sugar shakes (we’ve all been there, I ate so much butter icing last week I thought I may have a heart attack). So, now I focus on packing my pancakes with awesome good foods that make my tummy smile.

Enter the Fatass Badass Pancake

Pancake recipe (makes 6 large pancakes)

100g Flour (I use Dovehill GF plain four)
3 eggs
100ml of water
200ml of milk


  1. Measure out all ingredients
  2. Whisk them together, adding ingredients gradually
  3. Pop a wee bit of oil or butter in a pan
  4. Chuck in some pancake mix, swazzle around evenly in the pan
  5. Once you start seeing bubbles on the top flip it like a rockstar
  6. Once cooked it’s time for toppings!!!

Toppings ideas for cool kids:

I like to have little bowls of different things and mix it up as I go.

Peanut butter
Mixed berries (I always have a bag of go-to frozen berries in the freezer)
Greek yogurt
Mixed seeds
Stewed apples

Controversial pankcake toppers

These ones may split opinion! But I do like to mix things up with a savoury topper, especially after trying Hoppers (like a pancake) when in Sri Lanka.

Again mix and match with some of the below:
Fried egg
Diced chorizo
Goats cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes

So, go forth, celebrate the glorious day that is pancake day, and also eat some badass nutrition packed food at the same time!

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