2016 in all it’s muddy and sweaty glory

So I sat on my lunch hour yesterday and wrote this whole post detailing all the different things that happened in 2016. Fair enough I was at work, half eating my lentil soup, half concentrating, but it’s the first time I’ve written something that didn’t feel quite right.

I read it over a couple of times. Then a few more. And yup, it had happened. I had written something really boring.

2016 has been such a full-on year and writing a list of events and races just didn’t do it justice.  After mulling it over (whilst obviously paying attention at work) I realised how I felt towards 2016.

Grateful. Really bloody grateful.

Yes, there have been small bumps along the way, but in general I have been incredibly happy in 2016. Sometimes it can be very easy to get caught up in the stress of day to day life. How am I going to fit in all my training this week? Am I shit at my job? How the hell have we ran out of food so quickly again? (FYI I think there is a nut thief in my house, my suspicion is that he is 5ft 10 and answers to the name Jamie)

So what I really want to say, is thank you 2016. Here’s some of the things I am most grateful for.

Completing the Edinburgh Marathon. Such a sense of accomplishment!


Jamie jetting off to Belize for his desert island survival experience. 


Getting engaged and booking a wedding in Fiji for 2017- SAY WHAT!


Volunteering in Sri Lanka. These girls made my heart sing.


Being Project Awesomed in the face – multiple times!


Placing in the top 5 Females at Trailtroopers Castle Dangerous


Escaping to our cosy hut in the Highlands. All the marshmallow hot chocolates!


So here is to 2016 in all it’s muddy and sweaty glory. I’m not sure how 2017 can top it, but with a wedding in Fiji, Dirty Weekend and other adventures up my sleeve, there’s a big chance 2017 is going to kick butt!