A mini-adventure 30 minutes from home

When I think about the word adventure or holiday I think of two things.

Travel and Money!

Last weekend I decided to turn this on it’s head and went on an over night adventure 30 minutes from home and spent less than £150. It was Jamie’s birthday and I wanted to do something special. For us, we would much prefer to spend our pennies on doing fun activities together rather than buying random stuff! Apart from snazzy running gear…there’s always a need for more of that!

Off to Glentress

So on Friday morning we bundled into the car for the 30 minute drive to Glentress. We had a fun day of biking planned ahead. Now I am FAR from a biking pro, I run out of puff too quickly on the uphills and spend most of the downhills picturing my face smashing into the on-coming tree! But the day was all about spending time just the two of us and taking it easy (we were both coming to the end of a stinking cold).

And that’s exactly what the day was. There was plenty of stopping for snacks, plenty of swooshing down hills and when my cold got a bit too snotty we simply called it a day and rested up.

Cake break

After a much deserved cake break we popped along to our accommodation for the night, a simple B&B, Caddon View in Innerleithen. At £69 a night, including a cooked breakfast it was pretty reasonable and had a cosy Scottish B&B charm.

Cosying up

Now quite often I tell myself I’m going to go home and put my feet up and relax. The reality is always slightly different. I inevitably end up doing some sort of housework or cracking out the laptop to ‘finish that one thing’, and what I most enjoyed about being away was that I couldn’t get distracted by those things! I was forced to stop and slow down and surprisingly, it’s really nice to cosy up in bed, drink tea and watch telly.

After popping along to a local Indian restaurant and filling my belly with curry, I was one rather content Abby!

We left the B&B the next morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. I was smiling from ear to ear. And it has made me realise two things.


Firstly, relaxing, switching off and snuggling up is more important than you would think! It’s so easy to get caught up in always needing to be productive. I even sometimes find myself feeling guilty for slowing down. But this week I’ve actually felt a lot less stressed and as a bi-product I reckon I’ve actually been more productive.

Secondly, just because you aren’t trekking through the Himalayas doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy adventure. Not all of us can afford big trips, or have the time to scoot off around the world. But that doesn’t make us any less awesome! For me when I go away I like to explore a new place, do something active and most importantly spend time with my favourite people and last weekend ticked all those boxes AND MORE.

So in the future I reckon I’ll be doing more relaxing mini-adventures. Google maps, I’m coming at you! Any suggestions welcome!

Currently: Getting excited about going to the Scottish Fitness Expo this weekend.
Training today: 18mile cycle commute.
Adventure so far this week: Trying to find the perfect unicorn onesie for Project Awesome Halloween.