Festivities, Mince Pies and Pressure

Disclaimer, I do love Christmas- I promise!

Mince pies, snuggling up, seeing all your favourite people, what’s not to love about the festive season?

On paper, December has everything you could wish for, but the reality can be a bit different. Kind of like when you see a flashy “perfect” photo shared on Instagram but it’s actually been photoshopped to shit.

Running selfie outtake…100% not photoshopped!

December pressures

December brings with it a lot of pressure. Pressure to fit in all the social plans, to afford all the nice gifts and nights out, for it all to be perfect and (if you’re into fitness) pressure to still fit in all your training.

And it’s very easy to get swept up in all of it, feeling like a bah-humbug for not getting involved. But after a hectic year, I am ready to tell the festive pressure to back the hell off. But how?

I’d originally wrote a long blog piece about different ways of managing all the different pressures. But the more I wrote, the more I realised it came under one common theme.


Learning when to say yes, when to say no, and most important removing the feeling of guilt for saying no.

But no carries a lot of baggage with it, doesn’t it? If I say no will people think I dislike them? Will people think I’m being selfish? Will they invite me to other stuff? If I am honest with them and tell them I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all, will they think I’m being silly?

From October the 31st it’s rammed down our throats that Christmas has to be this picture perfect event. But life shit happens and I genuinely don’t think there is anyone out there who can truly say their Christmas is completely perfect.

So why the hell are we holding ourselves up to these completely unrealistic expectations?

Take a step back

So how about we all take a step back and flip things on their heads a litte?

Like stopping beating myself up for not finding time to post any Christmas cards this year, and instead deciding to donate the amount I would’ve spent to Maggie’s.

Or not worrying I’m a bore for heading home from a party at 10.30pm, and instead being glad I got the sleep I needed and managed a run with friends the next day.

And finally, trying to stop stressing about the not so perfect Christmas things, and instead appreciating all the other stuff right in front of me. Like, catching up with old friends last night, enjoying some beautiful December training runs and seeing my family later this month.

Hell Fit on Ice today

So please, if you’re like me and easily influenced by the Christmas pressure, take a step back, have a hot chocolate and call your crappy present wrapping modern art.

Currently: Drinking hot chocolate
Training today: Hell Fit on Ice
Adventure this week: Surviving the shops yesterday to pick up presents.

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