Fiji and the sing a Disney song, epiphany moment

So I may have mentioned it once or twice (or maybe a million times) that recently I went to Fiji and married my favourite person, Jamie, and now we are the awesome Mr and Mrs Fraser-Davidson.

Needless to say the whole experience was INCREDIBLE (bar the BA flight issues, screw you BA). Fiji is an incredible place, the people were amazing, the scenery was beautiful AND it feels very special to be married to my bestest teammate.


I did however go away with slight expectations of the trip.

Things on the run up had been rather full on and I had pictured gazing out at crystal blue water, with my new husband, and having an epiphany about exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Turns out real life isn’t always how I picture it in my head.

On our way back from Rainbow Reef

Yes, the was plenty of ocean gazing, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and sea sickness….Yes, I had an amazing wedding and honeymoon. But there wasn’t this life changing, sing a Disney song, epiphany moment. What I did realise though is why this almighty moment didn’t happen.

It’s because I’m already pretty damn happy with my life.

It can be really easy to look at people on social media and feel like you have to quit your job, pack your bags and head off travelling around the world to live life to the full.

As great as these things are, it can sometimes make us forget to appreciate the small things. I reckon I’m happy with life not because of one big life changing experience, but because of lots of little things that fill up my happiness bucket.

In my happiness bucket

  • Jamie Fraser-Davidson
  • My friends
  • My family
  • Gluten free cake
  • Porridge the hamster
  • Project Awesome
  • Snuggling on the sofa
  • Obstacle course racing
  • The pentland hills
  • My colleagues
  • Peanut butter….

You get the idea, I could go on for quite awhile.

Of course I want to explore new places and experience everything I can, but for me these trips are not EVERYTHING.

Life is the in-between bits

I suppose what I am trying to say is there is no point going on these amazing adventures if the in-between bits are shite! I reckon from time to time we all need a bit of a reality check and to remember that real life, 9-5’s and rainy Mondays included, can actually hold some of the best moments of all. If only we just give it a chance.

So, maybe my sing a Disney song, epiphany moment was actually that I am already living a pretty awesome life. And, I should be very grateful for it.

Currently: Needing a pee and thinking about my next snack
Training today: Hellfit with the crew
Adventure this week: Catching up with friends yesterday that I hadn’t seen in ages (it was awesome)