Pity party for one

Plot reveal- there is a happy ending to this post! However…

2017 so far has been a wee bit pants. Cue the pity party for one! I’ve said before social media can sometimes portray that it’s always sunshine, rainbows and personal best, but that’s not always the case. In my opinion if I am sharing the highs, it’s only fair I’m honest with the lows.

So here comes the honesty. (Disclaimer, I know there are others who have things A LOT worse!)

Firstly, I went into January unable to run, then due to a long-term health issue needed surgery and sadly this week I had my Grandad’s funeral. I’m not always a talker and when things get tough, nowadays I turn to running, yoga and Project Awesome. Three things I haven’t be able to do due to the above.

It’s made me realise how much I rely on exercise, not just for my physical health, but my mental health also. Nothing can clear my head better than running in the hills or taking time on my yoga mat. And nothing can lift my mood quite like Project Awesome can.

So I’ve tried to adapt. I’ve focused on the little positive things in life. Like an awesome breakfast or an old friend making me laugh. I’ve not always succeeded, however, I feel like I am getting there.

Injury wise I hopefully have a plan of attack to fix my legs. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a place to start. Watch this space for more weight lifting posts!

Health wise I’m on the mend and will hopefully be back at Project Awesome on Wednesday, giving it big licks dancing in the corner.

As for my Grandad, I don’t really know what to say on this one. I’m not great with these kinds of things. I suppose we all deal with things differently.

It can be easy to focus on the physical benefits of exercise, and yes, having ripped abs must be pretty great (I wouldn’t know as I love cake too much), but for me having a clear, happy head is much more important. And I think it’s taken the last month to realise that.

I suppose it just goes back to the main reason I do this…because I love it!

So, here’s to smashing the rest of 2017. After all, I have some pretty awesome things to look forward to!

Awesome things to look forward to:

March- Jamie and I moving into our own flat a mere 10minute drive away from the Pentland Hills!
May- Ratrace Dirty Weekend
June- Getting married in Fiji.
July- Our Party Hard Wedding Party
September- Total Warrior, Loch Ness Beast Race and Banchory Beast Race
October- The Illuminator Run