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Project Awesomed in the face

It was the Project Awesome Christmas party last night. We went bowling and everyone seemed to have a great night. (FYI turns out I have about as much patience for learning to bowl as I did with weight lifting)

I know, I yatter on about Project Awesome a lot! But last night got me thinking about how special it really is, and (warning things are about to get totes emosh) how much it has genuinely changed my life.

Cue the violins and get your cuppa, this could be a long one.

January the 30th, a cold winters day. There I was at 6.20am, walking in the dark to the top of Calton Hill, to go to a workout class I’d heard about on Facebook. Part of me thought it might be a trick to kidnap me, but a mixture of excitement and smugness at being up that early (the 5.30am alarms do get easier) overrode any worries.

Cue music, hugs, high-fives and a shit tonne of smiles. I was Project Awesomed right in the face, and I loved it! I spent my whole day on a high and couldn’t wait to rope Jamie in the week after. I became a weekly member from then on, and now lead the sessions with my Co-Captain Anna (Anna is about as awesome as it gets, and might love cheese even more than I do)


I could tell you about our Captain wise man Steve (I really need to stop calling him that, his head is big enough already) about the hill sprints, burpees and squat games we play, but that’s not really what it is all about. Yes, Project Awesome has improved my strength, mobility and introduced me to training other than just running, but those are just bonuses on top of the awesome cake.

Project Awesome does something special. It brings together people who want to have fun, laugh and share that positivity with those around them. You turn up as a stranger, and leave with 20+ new sweaty friends. Friends who have become very important to me. Having that type of positivity in your life can do amazing things.

I want to assure you, things weren’t bad before Project Awesome. I have many old friends who are just as supportive and as amazing the Project Awesome crew.  The only way to describe it is like when you watch something in HD for the first time. Every just becomes a shit tonne brighter, more colourful and full of life.

This isn’t a sales pitch for Project Awesome. Although do come along if you would like! We love new people! It’s more a sales pitch for life. We all know bad shit happens, and far too often. But, life is too bloody short not to have fun. Fill your life with positive people and find something you truly love. You may just discover something awesome along the way.

So to any person who has been a part of Project Awesome this year, thank you. You are all the best unicorns a girl could ask for.

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