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The killer question- why I’m not running Mighty Deerstalker

The Mighty Deerstalker – 10miles of gruelling hills, the perfect warm-up for Dirty Weekend. Not to mention a party atmosphere and the UK’s biggest night race.

And I’m not running it.

Even though I have been totally pumped about this race, it’s one that’s just not meant to be. Running injuries and my operation in January have meant that I only started running again this week (FYI I found a 5k tough and was blowing out my arse the whole time).

As much as I am disappointed not to be racing, it was actually a really easy decision to make. All because of my new favourite question.

The killer question

Is this going to get me closer to my end goal? 

So let’s play out the Deerstalker scenario.

I’ve just recovered from an operation and on-going running injury. Is running a 10mile race (in the hills) my first week back to training, going to get me closer to my end goal of racing injury free? Clearly, no. Easy decision.

And the killer question actually works for most life scenarios…

I want to spend all the dollars on a snazzy new pair of running leggings. Is this going to get me get closer to my end goal of buying my first flat? Clearly, no. Easy decision, no leggings.

Now, I’m aware life is all about balance, and sometimes you need to treat yourself to those jazzy leggings. However keeping in mind my end goal  helps me make the right and sensible decision not to run. And actually feel happy about it, because the end goal is so much more important than one race.

If you’re passionate about your end goal and use the killer question, everything else just falls into place.

Of course, I’ll still be there cheering on the team and maybe having a hot chocolate or two. Plus I’ll be back next year to smash some unfinished business.

Deerstalker 2018, watch out!

Currently: Full of beans, again. I promise I do eat other things.
Training today: Morning recovery swim.
Adventure so far this week: Having food poisoning yesterday and getting high on codeine.