The power of the positive no

I’m crap at saying no. As are many people. Whether it’s to a social event, race, new running shoes or that extra slice of cake…I’m likely to say yes yes yes and then end up overwhelmed with plans, skint and lost in a post cake sugar haze.

With resolution season upon us it doesn’t surprise me the amount of them that are centred around saying no to things.

People trying to lose weight by saying no to their favourite foods, trying to save money by saying no to extra treats or trying to drink less by saying no to that extra jagerbomb. (Do people still drink those? #downwiththekids).

Make your no positive

I touched on the guilt associated with saying no in my recent blog post on festive pressures, and for me it’s a work in progress learning how and what to say no to. But something that has helped has been the concept of the positive no.

A friend introduced me to the concept a couple of months ago and as a ‘yes’ person it’s really stuck with me. Basically when you are saying no to something you are actually saying yes to a heap of other things.

Let’s use the losing weight resolution as an example (FYI I’m not a fan of people dieting to just lose weight. Diet to become healthier, fitter and happier…not for a number on a set of scales…but that’s a WHOLE other blog).

Saying yes to you

Anyway…You’re trying to lose weight and saying no to all of those tasty foods you’ve indulged in over Christmas. Cheese, cake, crisps…those maple salted cashews. It can become pretty demoralising saying no to yourself all the time. But by saying no to that stale mince pie, you are actually saying yes to putting your health first and to feeling good about yourself.

If you say no to that night out you’re actually saying yes to saving money for that big holiday, or giving yourself some well deserved chill time.

I’m not one for making resolutions, but the positive no is definitely helping with the feeling of guilt I associate with no. So here’s some things I’ll be saying no to over the coming months!

Coming months

  • No to lots of social plans, meaning I am saying yes to saving money for our new car which will take us on lots of exciting adventures and saying yes to finding balance in 2018.
  • No to signing up for lots of extra races between now and my ultra in April, meaning I am saying yes to being able to focus on my training and save money for adventures as above!
  • No to ticking off every single thing on my to-do list, meaning I am saying yes to having time to focus on my business.

Now as with everything there is a healthy balance to be struck with this. And it’s different for everyone. Some folks may be able to party until the early hours then be up in hills, fresh as a daisy the next day, but that’s not me! So I might say no to lots of nights out, but yes to lots of other exciting things!

But for now it looks like the beginning of the year is going to be focused around enjoying my training, planning new adventures and looking after myself. And that sounds pretty good!

New Year’s Day Parkrun

What are your positive no’s? SPILL!

Currently: Hungry…always hungry.
Training today: 18 mile cycle commute.
Adventure this week: Going back to work after the holidays and surviving!

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