I always find that birthday’s are a time for some good old self-reflection. Tomorrow I turn the ripe old age of 26, and looking back over the past year, it’s been a busy one!

Celebrating turn 25 up Ben Vorlich

I’ve pushed myself in ways I didn’t think possible, experienced amazing things and taken on challenges I hadn’t even dreamed of as 24 year old Abby. It hasn’t been an easy year and certainly not all super awesome, but I wouldn’t be human if it was always sunshine and rainbows all the time.

But as I think about the key decisions, events and projects I’ve embarked on over the last year, they all have one thing in common. They all have a strong WHY behind them.

Basically there’s actually some reasoning behind this madness

I’m a very strong believer if you don’t understand why you are actually doing something, you won’t be as successful with it. When things get tough, it’s the why I also focus back on. Not the challenge ahead, or the hard work, but that core reason to why I’m doing something.

So what counts as a why?

Well, whatever the hell you want really! These things are personal for everyone and if your why doesn’t strike you somewhere deep down (I’m not talking about your guts) then it’s probably not the true reason. You have to be honest with yourself and don’t necessarily have to shout it from the rooftops, as they can be quite personal! I just so happen to be a massive over-sharer. So here’s some of my whys from the key things in my life at the moment.

Why become a Project Awesome Captain?

To make other people smile. Simple as that. It gives me warm fuzzies seeing other people happy.

Project Awesome takes on Lululemon Summer 2017

Why start my own business with my husband?

Because I want to live life by my own rulez. FYI the ‘z’ makes me super cool and down with the kids.

Why write my adventures blog?

Because sharing my thoughts about something I am passionate about, with others who feel the same, makes me feel like part of a special community. I’d never of felt confident enough to do all these things without the support of those around me.

Why sign up for yet more running events?

Because I’m one of the lucky ones who can. I’ve experienced losing a loved one and separately the effects a long-term disability can have on someone. Life is simply too short to waste it on the sofa.

Rat Race Dirty Weekend May 2017

Guiding lights

Having my whys are like a guiding light in a storm. If I’m deep in a social media scrolling vortex instead of running, my why can help to snap me out of it and get my butt out the door! If I’m worrying my blog is a turning into self-obsessed ramblings, I think about all the lovely people I’ve connect with through it. (And hope that someone would tell me to stop being a self-obsessed fud). And if I’m worrying about keeping the Project Awesome party going throughout winter, I remember even if one person is there and I make them smile, then I’m doing okay.

If you fancy sharing some of your whys with me, i’d love to hear them!

Currently: Researching fun races for winter 2017/18…bank balance watch out!
Training today: 30 minute swim
Adventure this week: The Illuminator Run (15+miles in the dark in the Cairngorms!)

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