High Terrain Events Glentress 10k

Working legs for winter 2017.

Night runs seem to be all the rage at the moment and I’m not one to miss out! So when I saw the High Terrain Events Glentress 10k night run just 30 minutes from the flat, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up. Plus having spent most of 2016 winter race season on the sidelines, I intend to make the most of have working legs for winter 2017! Sorry bank account…

I’ve been biking a couple of times at Glentress and was rather excited to play around on the twisty trails. Although my legs are maybe not as fast as two wheels!

And I can safely say the twisty trails did not disappoint. If I had to give a prize for my favourite downhill of 2017, so far Glentress is in the lead!

Glentress during the day this October

Purple toe and porridge

As I am pretty new to night races, I’m still figuring out the best way to fuel for them. It’s strange, I can happily go for an after work 10k on toast or porridge, but throw in the excitement of a race and my guts decide to do a merry dance. I suppose it’s the same with anything running related. Try something, if it doesn’t work, keep tying until you find something that does!

Something that I can definitely say doesn’t work is stubbing your toe a couple of hours out from a race. Don’t worry, I am 100% aware of how much of a drama queen I am being about this…but, if you heard the swearing and seen the purple angry toe, you’d understand. Thankfully after a few hours of moaning and cursing every doorstop in the world (Jamie really does have to put up with a lot at times) it calmed down enough to be shoved in my trail runners. Purple toe or not, it was time to play!

Mesmerised by the trails

And what fun the course was! 10k in total with just over 1000 feet of climbing. There was two main peaks, one at 2.3miles and one at 4.5miles. But for me the best part was letting the legs go on those final downhills. Throwing myself around the turns and twists of the woodland tracks, hoping I wasn’t going to end up face first onto the trail beneath me. When I say all this, it makes it sound like I was going at the speed of light but I can assure you I’m no speed demon.

I’m just a sucker for that special feeling you get, when your legs are running free beneath you, your lungs are jumping out your chest and you’re almost in a trance mesmerised by the trails.

A hidden gem

With 215 runners at only £18 a ticket, this race feels like a little hidden gem. It ticked all the boxes, with handy race facilities, a nice cosy cafe to hang in before and great organisation. Plus some of our friends at Race Fitness even booked a wigwam, which they kindly let Jamie and I warm up at after the race. Note to self…bring marshmallows next time.

All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a winters Saturday night. With some amazing top ten performances for some of the Race Fitness and Project Awesome guys. A big well done goes to the badass Nicola Duncan who came 1st female in not only the night 10k but also half marathon earlier that day. Hero!

For me, it may not have been quite as impressive a finish time, but with the fun downhills, twisty trails and awesome chat, I couldn’t really of asked for much more!

Currently: Excited for my pizza dinner!
Training today: A failed swimming attempt (turns out you need a towel)
Adventure this week: Project Awesome takes on Parkrun this Saturday, come party with us!