Loch Ness Prime Four Beast Race. Nessie, mud and a LOT of laughter!

Picture a fist pumping warm-up, squeals of laughter, cheers, slides and a whole lot of mud, and you won’t even get close to imaging the pure, simple, FUN that I had at Loch Ness Prime Four Beast Race this weekend.

I’ve not raced since May and it’s easy to say my training hasn’t been the best, so on the run up to the Beast, myself and Jamie decided that it was time to take all pressure off and just enjoy what the race had in store for us. No personal bests, no worrying about positioning, just going back to what running truly means to us.

Having fun

And man did Prime Four Beast Race deliver!

From the start to the finish their main focus was on participants having a good time. Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty to challenge you, climbs, hills and those energy zapping stones. But Prime Four Beast Race have created an amazing party atmosphere, never have I heard so much laughter in a mud pit.

Team this buzzing atmosphere with the beautiful forest trails and STUNNING views across Loch Ness and you are onto a winner. Loch Ness first introduced itself to the course about two miles in and a dip in the icy water was actually a very welcome break in the unexpected Scottish sun!

Fun with Nessie

I’m always a bit of a sucker for the water obstacles, I feel it plays to my strengths well. I may not be able to run super fast, but I do enjoy the badass feeling of jumping/sliding/running into of icy cold water and the water obstacles did not disappoint. I mean how can you not love the idea of sharing the water with Nessie?

Plenty more walls, crawls, tunnels and trails and the Beast Race party was finished. Jamie and I crossed the line in 1hr 31mins with me placing 30th out of 850+ women running on the day. But as I said before, placings weren’t what the weekend was about.

What it was about

It was about raving in the car with friends on the way up the A9. It was about making new friends and welcoming them to the Warrior Fit craziness (hope we didn’t scare you too much Michael). It was about crying with laughter at hearing your friends farting through the paper thin caravan walls. It was about running your first race EVER with your husband and completing something AWESOME together. It’s was about sliding into Loch Ness and feeling like a super hero.

It was about pure, simple, fun.

And for me, when it comes to obstacle course racing it can’t really get any better than that. Whether you’ve ran 100 races or just completed your first, there is something special about letting go of all inhibitions and achieving something out of the ordinary.


Big well done to the Warrior Fit Team, Steve for placing 2nd and the rest of the crazies for doing super well too.

Prime Four Banchory Beast Race I can’t wait to see what you have in store at the end of the month!

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Training today: Hellfit in the Pentlands at SUPER recovery pace
Adventure so far this week: Loch Ness Beast Race.

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