Runduro, a completely unique trail race

Do you ever have a pinch yourself moment? A moment where you’re so happy you feel it’s almost too good to be true.

I had one of these this weekend, staring at the mountains surrounding Fort William whilst running with my husband. I’m even smiling from ear to ear thinking about it now.

A completely unique trail race

The No Fuss Events, Runduro is one of the most unique races I’ve ever taken part in. Inspired by the biking race format of Enduros, you are only timed on specific sections of the route.

This means you can enjoy all aspects of trail running, all in one morning of outdoor adventure.

We had travelled up from Edinburgh the night before, catching glimpses of the mountains through the dark. When I opened my curtains on race morning, I wasn’t quite prepared for the beauty of landscape surrounding Fort William.

Exploring the Outdoor Capital of Scotland

Having grown up in the North-East of Scotland, I feel it’s almost a crime that I haven’t explored this part of the world more.

The sun bounced off the mountain peaks, whilst I bounced around excited for what this interesting race had in store.

The start was a “whenever you are ready” format, highlighting the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that wove itself throughout the day. I ‘dibbed’ my wrist band on the timer and off I went.

Varying timed stages

Each timed stage offered something new and exciting and by the third one I had already climbed Cow Hill, thrown myself down twisting trails, taken a ridiculous amount of running snaps and jogged the transition stages nattering with fellow runners.

At the bottom of “Hell and Back”

Running buzz at Ben Nevis

Surprisingly, stage four ” To Hell and Back”, was actually my favourite of the race.

Maybe it was catching Jamie at the bottom before heading off or possibly the views of Ben Nevis, but I can confirm the running buzz was firing at full blast.

The stage started with a lung busting climb up the foot of Ben Nevis and being surrounded by fellow runners my wee competitive streak kicked.

We rounded the corner of our climb, with the fun factor reaching next level, I let my legs go and went for it on the downhill. The feeling of freedom that comes from running downhill is like nothing else.

Scotland’s best views?

The rest of the race was spent with wondering at the stunning views and silliness during the transition sections. Then running smiles with legs powering on the timed sections.

Views surrounding Fort William

It’s not secret that Jamie is a faster runner than me (for now?) and this is the first run we’ve been able to enjoy AND race together.

I even nearly held him on “Short and Sweet” coming in 29 seconds after. If you fancy a nerdier take on the race, check out his race analysis blog.

Scottish winter sunshine

The race ended with the last stage being a cheeky 800m sprint along the waterfront followed by some tasty soup and congratulations with fellow runners.

We soaked in the winter sunshine and natural beauty surrounding us, making the most of our wee weekend adventure to Scotland’s Outdoor Capital.

Finish line views

Trail race weekends

As race weekends go, this ticked all boxes and more! I’m yet to find another race quite like it, and those views, they reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a stunning country.

I have a feeling like won’t be my last visit to Fort William or the Runduro!

Currently: Praying for spring
Training today: Sports rub with Lucy and snow run with Jamie!
Adventure this week: Taking on two races in one day with the Foxtrail 13km on Saturday morning and Deerstalker in the evening…wish me luck!

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