The Gathering: Dusk till Dark. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Last night was a big night. After 7 months of injuries and an operation in January, I was taking part in my first race of 2017.

I’d booked The Gathering: Dusk till Dark as a last minute treat, deciding I couldn’t handle spectating at yet another race. (FYI race jealousy is a thing!). At 7-8k of trails and only £20, it sounded like the perfect first race back.

But one thing I didn’t expect was to be nervous. Excited yes, nervous no.


Pre-race nerves are something I’ve never experienced. Logically I knew my body was capable of running 8k. Plus I’d been strictly briefed by wise man Steve, that under any circumstances I was NOT to go hard and properly race. Last night was all about taking it at a gentle pace and enjoying myself.

But for some reason I was having a good old flap. A few stern words from my good pal Anna (mainly consisting of “suck it up”) and a pre-race dance (my finger dancing was on point) and the nerves just about settled.

The Mactuff team are onto a winner

I was surprised to hear that the race only attracted 40 participants last year. It’s ran by the Mactuff team and has a really good set up. This year, over 100 people lined up on the start line, ready to charge as the sun went down over the Knockhill mud. And man was it muddy. Thick, slick (cow shitey) muddy.

The course consisted of a nice mix of trails, streams and mud peppered with a few tasty obstacles. A favourite of mine involved going through a massive tire, crawling through mud then back up through another tire (even though my ass got stuck on the way out). As always with these races the wall climbs proved to be a challenge. More strength and power is definitely need to get myself over in one piece!

Pow pow pow

A couple of the WarriorFit team were running on the day and it was a successful race for all.

Jamie (the husband to be) came in 3rd, with Sarah and Audrey placing in the top 10 females. For me, the success was just being out on the course, having fun and finishing it.


Over the last couple of weeks it’s been very easy to get frustrated with my body.

“I’m not as fast as I used to be”

“I’m so out of shape”

“Fuck, this is hard”

These phrases have all been regularly spluttered out at training. I think we can all be pretty bad at focusing on the things our bodies can’t do. That negativity can at times take the fun out of training.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for working hard to get faster and stronger, but that shouldn’t come at the detriment of enjoying what we do! After all we do all this silliness because we love it!


My body has been through a lot in the past 7 months and I need to give it the respect it’s due. (One day, I’ll explain all about the on-going health nonsense and operation malarkey). But for now, I reckon my body is doing pretty damn well!

The Gathering was the perfect race to kick-off whats going to be a brilliant year of races. Now to just try and get the cow shite out of my running shoes…

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