Beyonce strutting at the Village Gym Edinburgh

Last month the Village gym in Edinburgh were super kind and gave me a free 1 month pass to try out all their facilities.

Bear in mind I normally HATE gyms. I know it works for some people, however personally I’ve never understood why you would run on a machine indoors, rather than frolic outside.

However this time, it was a completely different ball game. I had one goal and one goal only.


And the Village gym delivered. Whether you’re a gym bunny or total first timer there was equipment to suit everyone (some stuff looked so fancy I didn’t quite know what to do with it). I spent most of my time split between the squat racks, free weights and then pool for recovery. (FYI floating around in their pool then chilling in the sauna is my kind of active recovery!)

Hearing myself say that I spent most of my time in the weights areas is rather bizarre! I’ve always felt a little bit intimidated and lets be honest, clueless when trying to strut up to a squat rack. Strutting mostly occurs if I’m blasting to a bit of Queen B on my headphones. (Who runs the world?)

This is where I think the Village gym strikes a really nice balance. It’s big enough that it has all the equipment you would need- and more. But not too big that it feels intimidating and soulless. I’d always be met with friendly smiles by staff and fellow gymers, even at 6am, and rarely had to wait to get onto equipment.

If I wasn’t moving I would definitely become a Village gym regular.

Pros and cons

Pros: Awesome equipment, awesome atmosphere, awesome facilities.
Cons: Wee bit out of town, wee be pricey at £50+ a month (although you get what you pay for!)
Facilities included: Fully equipped gym, lots of class, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and onsite Starbucks (all the coffee)

Now, I know how much wise man Steve loves the next bit so I couldn’t miss it out…

Currently: Sitting in a fully packed flat ready for moving day tomorrow!
Training today: Yoga this morning