How to become a morning workout ninja

I’m one of those really annoying “morning people”. I don’t snooze my alarm and can quite often be found singing the Lion King before the sunrises (much to Jamie’s dismay).

Because of this, I love an early morning workout.

It makes me feel like I have my own secret part of the day, like a little pause before the busyness hits. Because sometimes when it hits, training can be de-prioritised. Work, life or just the pull of jammies and the sofa can often scupper an evening workout.

But, you don’t have to be a Lion King singing, “morning person” to get your butt to the gym for 6am. It’s comes down to three simple things; motivation, mind-set and planning.


Personally, my motivation comes from wanting to achieve my goals and the enjoyment I get from training. Set yourself goals that you’re passionate about! If you love something and truly want it bad enough, you’ll beat that alarm clock.

I don’t think I would get up at 5.30am to work on my ping pong technique…


If you’re going to bed thinking, “I’m not going to be able to get up in the morning” or “I’m going to be so tired” likelihood is, you’re not going to get up and you are going to be tired. If you can roll over and stand up, you can get out of bed. Focus on the positives, you set yourself up for harder work being a negative Nancy.


I am sure the seasoned runners out there have heard the “set your kit out the night before” a million times. But when I say planning. I mean proper planning!

  • Look at your week’s training plan and social commitments, decide in advance which of your workouts are going to be in the morning.
  • Plan exactly what you are going to do for your workout. If you’re running, plan your route, if you going to the gym, plan workout (down to exercises and reps).
  • Set EVERYTHING out the night before. This includes; clothes, headphones, water bottle, shoes, keys, wallet, towels, food you want to eat before or after and clean clothes to change into (especially pants…we’ve all been there…).
  • Figure out your full morning routine and how long you need for each part. From alarm, to morning coffee of course scheduling in time for that pre-workout poop.
  • Go to bed early the night before. Let’s be real, you’re not going to be getting up at 5.30am if you went to bed at 1am!

At the end of the day, morning workouts aren’t for everyone. It’s finding something that works for you. But if you do fancy joining the 6am gym crew, get your motivation, mind-set and planning in place and you’ll be a morning workout ninja in no time.

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