It isn’t always personal bests, sunshine and rainbows

I’m gonna say it. Today I had a shiter of a run.

I’d planned a trip to the beach, picturing a lovely scenic recovery run and getting in 4-6miles. The reality was rather different. My breathing wouldn’t settle, my legs felt like lead and I clearly hadn’t eaten enough. I also just couldn’t get my head in the game (something about the festive season makes me over think things).

A year ago, I would have struggled through, ignoring the aches and finished in a worse mood than when I started.

Now, I am (slowly) getting better at listening to my body, so two miles in I called it a day, drove home, ate egg butties and took a nap.

In complete contrast, yesterday the WarriorFit team took on the Pentlands in the dark and it was EPIC. Running around the hills I felt like a mother-ducking mountain ninja and was I buzzing on the post-run endorphins the whole way home.

It can be easy to scroll through social media and get the idea that you should be training every day, firing out personal bests and smiling the whole way. The reality (at least for me) is different. I LOVE running, but like everything it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Sometimes I’m grumpy when I run, most of the time I am snotty and on the odd occasion I cut my run short because I’ve foolishly skipped my pre-run poop. (I love a nature pee, but nature pooping isn’t my game)

So, for today, I am okay with the fact my run was a shiter, because with the bad ones come the good ones. Tomorrow is the NY’s eve Hell Fit and the team is going to be out in force.

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