Juggling real life, running and everything inbetween

It’s no secret that my life is always super busy (as it is for a lot of people)! For me, a standard day can start at 6am, consist of freelance work, normal work, training and at the moment Project Awesome twice a week. If you’ve not been along to one of our Thursday sessions at Lululemon WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

Anyway…due to some SUPER exciting things, life probably won’t calm down any time soon as big changes are afoot (watch this space for more details…FYI I am not pregnant, why do people keep on asking me this? Totes awkward, maybe i’ve eaten too many pies).

Thankfully, I am just about managing to squeeze in my training as I have four races coming up in the next couple of months.

Beast Race Loch Ness– 10k obstacle course race
Beast Race Banchory– 10k obstacle course race
Total Warrior– 10k obstacle course race
The Illuminator Run– 15mile trail run through the Cairngorms at night (HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?)

I’ve always been honest with the fact that sometimes I struggle finding balance between being busy and being TOO busy. But I thought I’d share some of the things that help me juggle real life and being a running addict.

  1. Plan ahead. I know it’s really boring, but you know I’m right.  I ALWAYS get the most out of my week if I go in with a clear day-by-day plan. It also helps me manage my running load for injuries and ensures I don’t “by mistake” forget to do my strength training…sorry physio David
  2. Use your commute. This doesn’t necessarily have to be for training. In an ideal world I would run to work everyday, but at the moment I can’t run on concrete. Instead I use my commute to catch up on emails, messages and also order my online food shop (Tesco’s do same day delivery now- the excitement was REAL). Freeing up my evening for training. If can run to or from work, even better!
  3. Get your arse out of bed and train in the morning before work. We all know my feelings on being a morning workout ninja.
  4. Prioritise. The truth of it is, if you REALLY want to reach your running goal, be it your first 5k or millionth ultra you’re going to have to make sacrifices. What is more important, crushing your goal or watching another episode of that boxset you are addicted to? The boxset isn’t going to help you when you’re blowing out your arse and hitting the wall HARD. Just sayin…
  5. Make sure you are training for the right event. I make time for running because I LOVE the events I take part in. If you are dreading every run then maybe you haven’t found the right exercise for you. Maybe you’d be happier in biking lycra or doing your thang at a Crossfit Gym (is it obvious I’m not cool enough to have tried Crossfit?)
  6. Get rid of any unnecessary stuff you can. My time is precious, so things like putting on make-up, ironing or going to Tesco just don’t make the cut. Think about how your time is spent in a standard week, is there anything you are doing that you don’t really need or want to do? FYI always make time to shower…just saying.
  7. Mix running and socialising. Not caught up with a friend in ages? Get them to run with you. Or if there aren’t a runner take bike and cycle with you? And if you’re pal REALLY doesn’t want to get sweaty with, you can run to meet them. If they really love you they’ll not mind your post run smelliness (or even feed you snacks…thanks Sonya!)
  8. Put yourself first. Running can be very important “me” time, make sure to put yourself first. The housework can wait.
  9. A short run is better than no run. Sometimes it’s just not possible to squeeze in anything more than a twenty minute run, but remember it’s still better than nothing!
  10. Last but most important, make sure to give yourself a break. I’ve learnt the hard way that you’ll burn out if you don’t rest, recovery and relax every now and then.

At the end of the day I run because I love it. Not because it’s a chore of something I have to fit in. I’ve learnt over the last couple of years it’s just a case of tweaking my lifestyle and deciding what’s more important. Running or House of Cards?

Currently: Thinking about what I want for dinner? (Life’s big questions)
Training today: Rest day and a nap in the car.
Adventure so far this week: Camping at Ace Adventures and going for a run along the River Findhorn. IT WAS AMAZING.