Pilates Festival Scotland

Bathed in the morning sun (and little bit scared of my navigational skills), I set off yesterday morning to Dunblane for the Pilates Festival Scotland. I had chatted away to the guys at a free Lululemon event and they kindly invited me along to the day. FYI Jordan- I’m still waiting to see you at Project Awesome one morning!

First thing to note, said free Lululemon event was my first ever pilates class. Going from one class to 5 hours of pilates in one day was going to be a bit of a jump. But I had faith in my yoga background and mad skills of not really caring if I look like a fanny.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The whole day felt like a big group of friends at all levels and abilities. Folks were simply there to have a good time and enjoy learning something new about their bodies and pilates.

So the main thing I learnt? Pilates can be hard!

They all love something call the “one hundred” (basically a small move you do one hundred times which gets your abs screaming). Please note we did said “one hundred” in every class, which (doing my awesome maths) means we actually did the “five hundred”. No wonder I needed a rest day today!

It was amazing to watch the mobility of the pilates pros and determination of the newbies such as myself.

The day consisted of 5 different classes, by 5 different teachers.

After a long run on Saturday, I was delighted to find out my first class focused on foam rollers. Two classes down it was lunchtime, my muscles were feeling stretched and I’d worked up quite a hunger.

Now anyone who knows me will be aware I eat a lot. And I mean A LOT. And sadly the Dunblane Hydro let itself down by serving some kale leaves and nuts and naming it a “superfood salad”. No thanks mate!

I really felt for the Pilates Festival Scotland guys, but they swooped in and rectified the situation ensuring everyone had enough to eat with lots of alternatives. Plus the goodie bag had plenty of snacks that I worked my way through. It was obvious by the worry on the event organisers face, that they really cared about the event and the guests having the best possible time.

The afternoon consisted of three more classes, The Spinal Energy, Top to Tail, and my favourite, The Stretchy Band.

It was my favourite mainly due to the hilarious chat from the instructor Joakim (a former Australian Army Reserve SF Commando, Bondi Beach Surf Life Saver and Territorial Army Physical Training Instructor) and also finding out clever little micro movements to target a variety of muscles.

For me, the main take home was that I need to focus a lot more on my mobility and strength. I know us runners can be bad at just running and then running some more, however I do think pilates has a place in helping me to become a more well rounded (less injury prone!) athlete.

Event summary

Location: Dunblane Hydro
Attendees: Around 180 people
Cost: £95
Included: All food, goodie bag, 5 1hour classes, stalls and pilates demos.
Next event: Yoga Festival Scotland on the 6th of May.

Currently: Carb loading for my 8mile run to work tomorrow.
Training today: Silly rest day.
Adventure this week: First race of 2017 on Saturday, The Gathering Dusk till Dawn!