Three things I’m doing differently this time

I like to think I’m a comeback Queen. I started running in 2014 and since then (as most runners do) I’ve had my fair share of set backs.

Exploring the hills before breakfast

This time a combination of injury and life got in the way and I find myself pretty much back at square one with my fitness. 24 mile runs before breakfast seem a distant memory.

And being honest I’ve found that frustrating. Grumping about how far away you are from your preferred fitness level is a totally adult way to deal with it right? But then I had a realisation.

Say goodbye to the fat hairy kid

I wasn’t born being able to run long distances. I didn’t even like sport at school (true story, I was the fat hairy kid, who even made an agreement with a friend to come joint last at sports day so then technically, neither of us were last).

But, somewhere along the way I fell in love with running, put in the hard work and got myself to where I wanted to be. And if I did it once, there’s nothing really stopping me doing it again.

Let’s go again

Plus, this time I have a bit more experience and knowledge about running to help me along the way.

It sounds ridiculously simple now I write it down. But it’s taken me 6months to realise that.

Anyway, so here I am, back at the begining of the training journey and here are the three things I’m going to do differently this time.

Three things I’m doing differently

  1. I’m not signing up to any big races. Big races have been awesome experiences, but for now, I want to focus on adventuring without the pressure of needing to put in a certain amount of miles each week. I am going to focus on fun adventures and will be attending community runs, such as the free Foxy Trail runs. So if you fancy adventuring, hit me up!
  2. I’ve ditched my running watch. I’ve always been a fan of my running watch and am a nerd when it comes to daily stats. But i’d started judging the success of my day, or a run based on how many steps I’d done, how far I’d ran or at what pace. So three weeks ago I took off my running watch and I’ve be the most active I’ve been in months. Go figure.
  3. I’m going to do what feels right for me and ignore the FOMO. Hands up if you try and attend every race and training session and burn yourself out?! Just me? I always get massive fear of missing out, which has lead me to attending training sessions, runs or events that aren’t really right for me. Plus pushing through tiredness or injury to be able to fit it all in. This time round I’m going to focus on my own groove, because after all nobody is forcing me to do any of this!

So here I am, ready to do it all again, just a little bit differently this time.

Currently: counting down the days until moving back into Edinburgh (5weeks and 3days)

Training today: A gym class, it’s only 30mins but I won’t be able to walk straight for days.

Adventure this week: Foxtrail 5k on Saturday morning!

Thoughts guys? Is there anything you’d have done or would do differently?

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