Top tips behind the pretty running pictures

It’s that time of year for resolutions, goal setting and big changes.

Personally, I love a goal, however with a persistent calf injury (yep, still moaning about that one) I am having to be sensible and wait until it’s fixed before making any stupid crazy (awesome) goals for 2017.

Thinking about all my possible goals for 2017 has made me realise that 99.9% of them would all be running related (the other 0.1% percent is getting married in Fiji, totes no biggie).

Three years ago, things would have looked very different.  I’d have been promising myself I’d lose weight by trying to eat as little calories as possible and then give in after a week of hanger mood swings. I only associated exercise as a punishment and was yet to discover that running is actually friggin awesome.

Thinking back to three years ago did make me realise that there is a lot of things the shiny pretty running pictures don’t tell you…So here’s my list of top tips behind the pretty pictures.

  1. Races = life. When the early bird tickets get released for that race you fancy, just buy them. You will only end up buying them a couple of months down the line for double the price.
  2. It’s going to get expensive. Did I mentioned the trainers, running gear, running watch, foam roller, physio appointments, PT sessions and INSANE amounts of food? I’m sadly not a millionaire, so I just have to prioritise. I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought work clothes, but could easily talk you through my running shoe collection.
  3. Nature peeing will become the norm. My proudest is nearly getting caught in Figgate Park before my first (and only) park run.
  4. Your wash basket will never again be empty. You will also find yourself wearing already sweaty clothes when you run out of kit on a double training day. No judgement- we’ve all been there. To overcome this, you will then buy a ridiculous amount of running gear, please refer to point 2.
  5. You might be lucky enough to meet a whole new bunch of running friends, they are highly likely to be the best motivation you can have and be complete nutters (mine are away).
  6. Running will introduce you to other new sports and you will want to become a pro at all of them. It’s totally feasible to find time to become a running, yoga, weightlifting, biking expert all at the same time, right?
  7. You will lose all concept of what a normal sized food portion is. My snacks at work often get mistaken for meals…
  8. Your social life will be organised around your rest day and if you don’t have anything planned for your rest day, you’ll spend the whole evening unsure of what normal people do from 6pm onwards. This will likely lead to having time to sign up for more races, please refer to point 2.
  9. Chaffing happens, Bum Vaseline is a thing.
  10. Most importantly your whole perspective on life may change. I’ve accomplished things I never even dreamed I was possible of.

So if you’re a new to running or a seasoned pro I wish you all the luck for your goals for 2017. May your PB’s be fast and your snacks be large.

Currently: Sitting in the kitchen seat dancing to the radio
Training today: Yoga
Adventures so far this week: Surviving the first day back to work after the holidays