What do you do after you cancel all your big races?

Rewind back to May and you’d find me skipping around the flat excited about signing up for Glencoe Marathon and Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra. They were going to be my next big challenges! Glencoe with the most elevation I’d take on and Jedburgh at the longest mileage.

Fast forward to August and you’d find me skipping around the flat with relief because I’d decided to pull out of both of them.

Funny how so much can change in just a couple of months.

I’ve mentioned over on my Instagram page why I pulled out. Nothing dramatic or life changing. I simply didn’t fall in love with the training this time and didn’t want to push through and taint my love for running.

But what happens next?

Honestly, I haven’t a scobby. My motivation for running is still coming and going. I’ve probably taken more rest days in the last month than I did in the whole of 2017. But for once I’m actually okay with it all.

For the first time in four years I’m not worrying about losing my fitness levels  or what my pace is on Strava, and for now to feel like that is really nice.

I’m definitely not done with big challenges. But a physical and mental break from the training is doing me the world of good.

So what’s the point in this whole blog?

I realise I’m kind of saying a whole load of nothing here. But I suppose what I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to be where-ever you are at with your training.

If you’re training for a big race and loving the big miles. Great!

If you’re working on your speed and loving your intervals seasions. Amazing!

Or if like me your running when you fancy, drinking lots of hot chocolate and enjoying your rest days. Fantastic.

It’s all part of the journey.

Currently: Sitting on the bus to work.

Training today: Maybe run home from work, maybe read Harry Potter on the bus.

Adventure so far this week: Lots of doggy walks with Morse.

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